Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Pretty Pastel 40th Birthday Cake

Hello again!

2 posts in a week, yes I must be in a cake baking lull!

Today I have for you a pretty little 40th birthday cake I made for Laura, who had two birthday cakes from me as she was also the recipient of the Frozen cake I made for Better. I honestly, do not know where they put all this cake...

Although I have been enjoying having the chance to create original cakes for the team at Better, it is quite nice when someone sends you an image and tells you exactly what they want. Laura wanted something like this from Designer Cakes by April but in only 2 tiers.

We left off the diamante top tier and went for the more patterned tiers to make the most of the cake we had. Bless my mother for creating a diamond template and hand cutting all those diamonds! I would have done it but they wouldn't have been anywhere near as good, or straight...

And dots or circles are always a winner in my polka dot covered book!

My favourite part of the cake has to be the bows. Bows on everything! They are made from flower paste in order for them to keep their lovely, loopy shape. I replaced the diamond from the top of the original cake with another bow to keep a bit more consistency throughout the cake.

I did have a diamante 40 to go on the top of the cake but, to be blunt, I didn't like it, so we went for a paste 40, which unfortunately had to wait until it was in place at the party before it went on. But it looked like this:

With the wonderful gift of hindsight, I can now see that the cake would have had an overall better look about it if the bottom tier had been a bit taller. It's more cake and more icing and more stress trying to get the cake covered but I think for future tiered cakes, bigger bottoms is the answer.

Cake flavour: vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream bottom tier and a chocolate top tier

What we listened to: My cat being a pain in the butt

Anything else: This cake and the cake I was making simultaneously for Laura's son restored my faith in myself after a tough few weeks (in which I had quit at least twice.)

See you next time!