Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Right, Blog, let's do this!

It’s my intention to make this blog a place of cakey loveliness, full of things I have baked and created. I promise you now things aren’t always going to go right, and, as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, there are probably going to be a few grumpy moments, but ultimately I want this to be a place I can record what I have learned, show the experiments I have done and to be inspired. 

I want to try and bring out my interests and style in my baking, which include an recent obsession for teacups, teapots and all things afternoon tea; 40s, 50s and pin-up style; florals, and a little bit of alternative style thrown in for good measure.

I am excited to get started and I hope you enjoy what you see!
Vicky x

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