Friday, 15 March 2013

Mother's Day Love

After being full of promises at the beginning of the month, it seems I have dropped back into old habits and am being very tardy with my blog posts. This month has, so far, been a nightmare, and pressure has got to me a lot. But it is for this reason that it is so important for me to get this particular post out into the world. It’s nearly a week late but it is a post dedicated to my lovely Mum!

Awww isn’t she cute!?

I am one of those people who is lucky enough to be able to say that my Mum is also a friend; her kindness, patience, strength, and constant and unyielding love make me super proud to be her daughter and others proud to be her friend. And she's well silly! :)

These are all things I hope that I have inherited from her.

I also hope that I have inherited her creative talent. My Mum has been cake decorating for a long time, and I can still remember her going off to classes on a Wednesday night. She still has the same icing tool kit with the remnants of a sticker on it that I stuck on when I was little.

All her practicing has paid off because I think she is fab! She has created so many beautiful cakes (some featured in this post) and the same people still ask her to do cakes, which is a testament to her talents. I know that if I need advice on anything with my own cakes, from how to make sugarpaste flowers, to how big a cake needs to be to feed a certain number of people, she’ll know. 

One thing that I have undoubtedly inherited from her is a relaxed approached to any task. Now, that could sound like a positive thing but it’s not so much…

Her relaxed approach is that things need doing any they’ll get done whether you do them 2 days before or 2 hours before. It always makes me laugh when people ask her how their cake is doing and she hasn’t even put it in the oven yet. Her answer? “Everything is going to plan.”

My interpretation of this, however, is to take too long doing stuff, get tired, get grumpy, get annoyed at my work, cry, and tell her I’m quitting. All this happened last week when I was trying to get some orders done for Mother’s Day and I simply hadn’t left myself enough time, totally underestimating what I needed to do.

I wanted to quit. 

But she was there on the other end of the phone telling me just to breathe, that I had more time than I thought, I was my own worst enemy and people would love them. I am currently still working on listening to her when she tells me such things (I have perfectionism issues) but knowing that her main concern is my well being and not the cake, always makes me feel better.

So I would like to dedicate this post to Mama Conroy, the absolute rock of our, more often than not crazy, household. My brother & I would be lost without her.

Vicky xx