Sunday, 26 May 2013

No ordinary gardening cake…

Question: what’s wrong with this garden?

You have to look, but your answer could include: dog with severed arm in his mouth, grave like mound with boot sticking out, strewn body parts and bones.

What we have here is a divorce cake.

I knew divorce cakes existed but, to be honest, I thought it was an American thing. I didn’t think it was something that had slipped into the English conscious yet. But apparently I was wrong.

There are loads of examples of divorce cakes from the hilarious to the down-right morbid! Popular themes include grooms being thrown off the top of wedding cakes, and grooms being decapitated. It has not gone unnoticed that these cakes seem to be mostly commissioned by women. By, us ladies can be a bitter bunch.

Here are a few of my favourite examples. Check the gravestone one – creeeeeeeepy!

I know it's a bit odd but special mention needs to go to Cakes by No More Tiers for this Steampunk cake. The detail is fab (check out the knife in his back:)

Have a peek at their Facebook if you get a second; all the cakes are wonderful.

My moral compass went a bit whizzy when I was asked to do this cake; when you think about it it’s a little bit grim and very sad. But I guess each person has a different circumstance and a different way of thinking about things.

Thankfully I didn’t have to pick the brutal scene for the cake and was asked for the ex-bride to be burying the ex-husband in the garden. No wedding dresses please.

I have to be honest, I got a bit into this and quite enjoyed it. This sick enjoyment spawned the dog-munching-the-limb idea. But then I felt a bit bad that I’d included the dog in the crime.

But while I enjoyed doing something completely different and original, I don’t think I’ll be getting into the niche divorce cake market anytime soon.

On that note, I will leave you with this final thought:


Vicky xx

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