Monday, 20 January 2014

No More Hiding: Welcome to 2014!

I kind of feel I have been a bit slow about starting my year this year; my head is full of ideas and plans but at the beginning of the month I just didn't seem to have the motivation to even get started with any of them. 

Last week I went on a course for work and I think that was the reason I was unable to progress with the new year. I was going to have to be away from home for 4 days, do things that got me out of my comfort zone and socialise which strangers, something I don't do easily. As a result I had been dreading it for about 6 weeks to the point where I just wanted to hide under my covers. 

As it turns out the course was fun, interesting and useful. And my fellow course-goers were interesting, lovely, and, being also from the heritage sector, very easy to get along with. (2 of the attendees were from Sydmonton Court Estate, country retreat of Andrew Lloyd Webber, dontcha know!)

So, after a weekend of trying to catch up with sleep between work and making cakes, and a lovely day lunching and spa-ing (the massage kind, not the fighting kind) with my lovely friend, I am now feeling ready to start my year...ish. I still have that tax return to do...

So what do I want from 2014? Well, I just want more!

More Positivity
As we have already established I have a general leaning to the negative. This is something I have been working on and intended to continue to do so in 2014. Unicorns and sparkles are the name of the game!

More style
I got a fancy new camera for Christmas and intend to learn to use it as it was intended - not just having it constantly on auto mode. I want to really work on my food styling, you know, get my cakes away from the many plug sockets that can be found all over our kitchen.

More Content
I want to work on my blog this year and I would like to have an actual website, or even just a glimmer of one, by the end of the year. This is going to make my business look a lot more professional rather than directing people to my Facebook page.

More creativity
In summary, I just generally want to be more creative this year in all areas: coming up with cake ideas, business ideas, flavours, crafting, little projects, big projects, everything!

I do intend to set more specific goals within these so I can see what I am achieving. 

Phew, I better get my year started...

Vicky xx

Images ©Earle Hatsumy Thanks to Earle for letting me use her images - check out her Flickr, there's some super kawaii pictures on there!

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