Thursday, 20 February 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Cake!

I have had such a fantastic little week! The highlight being a lovely little event at the weekend that I am currently unable to discuss (although if you witnessed a moment of bravery and saw my post last week before I took it down you will be already in the know.) But it involves cake and it went swimmingly.

But the details aren't important, what is important is that, being my own self critic, I proved a lot of things to myself and that I am feeling a little bit proud this week (that's allowed, right?)

So I have been riding the happy waves in to the week with only a minor blip last night when I realised how much I've taken on for next week but we'll survive and it'll get done, as it always does :)

Things I love: <3 blue skies and dry days <3 Florrie cuddles <3 Sherlock (yes, I am late to that party) <3 Netflix on my Wii (yes, late to this too) <3 watching Chuck on Netflix on my Wii <3 Valentine's Day loveliness <3 green tea <3 cheese scones <3 It still being cold enough to use my hot water bottle <3 Body Shop ginger sparkle hand cream <3 Discovering my G&T is better with a slice of lime rather than lemon!

These super cute bots are by Jenn & Tony. Check out there Flickr here and they can also be found on Instagram.


  1. Looking at all the amazing cakes you make, you always have a reason to be proud! Glad that your event went well and I hope you can talk about it soon!

    1. Thank you Kim :) Hopefully I will be allowed to spill the beans once it's over, although now I feel I've made it seem more exciting than it actually is!