Wednesday, 5 December 2012

{Mini Post} First Christmas Bakes of The Year

Oh I do love Christmas! I also love Christmas baking but never seem to have the time to make everything I want.

This year, however, I may be making weekly Christmassy treats for my friend's Mum to take into work and so I have no excuse not to get creating. This was my trial week so we will see at the end of the week whether I will be making more next week. (I do hope so!)

But for now I hope you enjoy my efforts and are starting to feel a little festive! :)


  1. Awesome looking cupcakes and biscuits Vicky. My fave is the Christmas pudding one :) what kind of biscuit/cupcake did you use?

    1. Thanks Lauren! (Sorry - I've been a bad blogger and have just seen this!) For the Christmas pudding I did a double milk chocolate biscuit and smothered it with milk chocolate.

      I just whizzed together:

      200g unsalted butter
      150g caster sugar
      1 egg
      250g plain flour
      pinch of salt
      2 1/2tbsp cocoa powder
      100g milk chocolate chips

      It makes a lovely crunchy biscuit and I got about 15 big-ish circles from it. I probably should have put that in the post!