Sunday, 2 December 2012


During November, men’s faces everywhere sprout moustaches for the entire month; this month is thus known as ‘Movember’. The point of this is to raise money and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Now I’m more of a full on beard lovin’ kinda gal, although I do enjoy a finely groomed handlebar moustache, but if a man wants to don some facial hair in the name of charity that’s fine by me.  The only thing I don’t enjoy about Movember is not knowing whether people are growing their ‘tache for charity or whether that’s just what their face looks like, because, let’s face it, some people just look plain stupid with a mo and that’s not so ok if it’s a lifestyle choice and not a charitable effort.

I took part by doing this…

Never fear, this cookie was not consumed by the paying public!
As you can see I happen to be in possession of the coolest moustache cookie cutters EVER, which were a Valentine’s present from the boyfriend and are so much fun. So as it was quite appropriate I decided to make some moustache cookies.

Instead of just giving them away to the folks at my Mum’s work, she took them in and sold them to raise some pennies. I’m not quite sure what she charged for them – I think it was more along the lines of people giving donations in exchange for cookies – but in the end we ended up with £17. Not too shabby.

The money went to Movember via my friend Oliver, who sported his very own mo throughout the month. Oliver is currently living in China and I’m not sure the Chinese do Movember so gold stars for him and his friend for the international participation and looking ridiculous without people knowing why they were doing it!

If you want to help support men’s health, you can still donate by clicking on the link below and visiting the Movember website:

Chin chin, gentlemen.

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