Monday, 4 November 2013

Not a cake in sight: How I spent my Monday

I could just make this post short by saying I spent it in bed but that makes me seem really lazy and I truely do have justifications for spending it in bed.

Basically, I just needed to.

Mount Grace Priory said good bye to the summer season yesterday, ending it on a beautifully crisp and bright autumn day. Although we don't close completely (we are still open on weekends) yesterday definitely had a 'last day of term' feel about it.

The beautiful Summer Peonies are nothing but a distant memory now!

It seems fitting that the weather today has shifted from being a bit chilly to rather cold and we actually had a frost on the ground this morning: winter is coming! I feel like I'm putting the summer to bed and embarking on a new season of winter projects and preparing for next season, which includes even more opening hours and the re-introduction of weddings on site! And if next summer is anything like this one, cakes will also be keeping me very busy. It's all so exciting but will be hard work.

The site basking in the Autumn sun

Which is why I took a day to have a completely self indulgent, lazy day in bed. It was amazing.

I woke up (not late,) had some lemon water (because it's good for you,) did a bit of online window shopping, had breakfast, read Harry Potter (book 3,) read some more Harry Potter, finished Harry Potter, did some Pilates, had a shower, stuffed my face with Domino's pizza, felt sick and that is about it.

I took this in OCTOBER! Can you believe that blue sky?!

I am not saying I won't have any more days off ever again but I felt like I had to get it out of my system early on as I intend to make full used of the next 5 months of enforced absence from work.

Autumn colours on the manor house

My plan is to use my time to make some serious headway with my business, and to work through all the ideas I've had, whether they are small and simple or the stupidly large and ambitious ones that were thrown around after one too many glasses of bubbles. I am going to dream big and explore them all. I want to work on my craft and come up with my own exciting ideas and creations. And most importantly work on my own self confidence when it comes to these things.

But for now I think I will dig out The Goblet of Fire and get back in to bed.

Vicky xx

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