Thursday, 28 November 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Let's Give 'em The Remix

Oh what a busy couple of weeks it has been and I have to say I have been loving it. Spending my days making cakes and creating is making my heart happy but it's hard work. 

But I had the most unexpected treat that gave me a night off on Monday night in the shape of (a very tiny) Bruno Mars.

In exchange for playing Chauffeur to my Auntie and two cousins, I got myself a ticket to see Bruno in Newcastle. I wasn't so bothered about going and I had been asked by a friend when the tickets came out and I'd turned her down. Although his stuff is catchy, I didn't think I liked him enough to want a ticket.

Well let me tell you I am a convert! What an amazing show! He is such a good performer and his average pop songs seem to just come to life on stage. He is so slick at what he does and massively smooth - I even have to admit to swooning (just a bit though.) His band where incredible! They gelled together so well on stage and created the most fantastic '1930s New Orleans jammin' on the street corner vibe'. Loved it. My Auntie had been so excited about going for months and kept breaking out in to little squeals in the car but even she was silenced by him. And for someone whose alias is 'Loud Al' that is no mean feat!

So what else have I been loving this week: Rosie & Chloe - every time I see my younger cousins I think I adore them a little bit more <3 road trip picnics <3 Pringles (unfortunately) <3 Sailor Moon <3 30 minute cat cuddles <3 This <3 This <3 and this <3 it being cold enough to finally wear my Spirit Hood <3 tartan <3 royal icing <3 realising I still remember ALL the words to ALL the Busted songs <3 scouring the internet for new boots, loving them all then buying none.


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