Thursday, 5 December 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Birthday Cocktails

One day, my Mum and I were in York, and over cocktails we decided that for her birthday we would have a dessert table/cocktail do (with a body shop party randomly thrown in there.) It was all very exciting and as we decided on this in October we really managed to convince ourselves that we would do some good planning and be super organised. Yeah, right...

I was still making scones at 2pm when the festivities were due to begin.

I was disappointed in us. No one else was surprised.

So typically, things didn't look how I wanted them to, the outlook didn't look like it did in my head (there was no beautiful dessert table set up) and we had no time to take pictures of anything. Thankfully my cousins and their iPhones did some snapping for me, which I am grateful for! 

But everyone enjoyed everything, there was a lot of laughter and love in the house, and my Mum had a lovely birthday, which, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

Spotty & Rudolf vanilla cookies

Mince Pies

Pavlova Wreath

Orange cake with cranberries & pistachios, peppermint mocha cupcakes
Things I love: My Mum! <3 iPhones <3 vanilla cookies covered in royal icing <3 my family - extended and otherwise <3 advent calendars <3  the strange satisfaction that comes from cleaning the oven <3 learning about, and watching, Japanese anime, no matter how bizarre, with Kurtis <3 watching how happy and proud of herself my Mum is using her new phone! <3 how actually cute my best friend is - adorable!

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