Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Mystery of the Garden Pond Cake (That's not really a mystery)

You know when it's your birthday and you get a cake? You probably expect that you'll get a slice of said cake, right? Well, not so much with this one...

This is a lesson in always cutting your birthday cake.

Chloe bought this cake for her step-dad's birthday and gave it to him a few days before his birthday because he was going to be away. He, however, didn't want to cut it and left without doing so. 

The birthday gentleman was my Mum's cousin so we were able to watch on Facebook as various family members and friends wound him up about how they had really enjoyed their piece of his birthday cake and watching him go mad that they'd cut it. I'm not sure how big they thought this cake was but I think the entire North East had a slice.

As it turns out that this was only half a joke; Chloe had been working her way through the cake while he was away and it had all gone by the time he'd got back. I don't think she was sorry.

People! Cut your cakes! What is the point in having a cake other than to enjoy eating it! if you want a piece of art then I'll make you a fake cake out of play-dough and you can keep it forever. Tuck in! I like to think I put as much effort in to making the cake taste nice as I do making it look nice.

Anyhoo the design for this cake is not my own and is one of many fabulous designs from The House of the Rising Cake, who have very kindly gave me permission to share this cake. Big thank you to them - it was great fun to do!

Cake details: good ol' vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling

What I listened to: Day time decorating meant Radio 1 - keeping it mainstream

Anything else: Bit disappointed with the reeds; in hindsight I think I should have tried to hide the green florists tape a bit more but I am hoping it just adds a bit of colour contrast.

Vicky x

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