Thursday, 13 March 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Sunshine!

Obviously, along with the rest of the nation, I am loving the sunshine and blue skies this week. There's still a chill in the air but who cares when birds are tweeting and the spring flowers are popping up all over the shop.

Image  ©Ian Britton, Flickr
I've been enjoying going out for walks/jogs this week; it just makes it so much easier to leave the house when the sun is out and you don't have to worry about whether you are going to get rained on mid-way through. 

My favourite moment of my walks this week happened on Monday when I was walking past a house where a little girl was helping her grandma in the garden, and asked her: "Grandma, what was your dream?" I didn't get to hear the answer but I love how the sun just makes everyone feel dreamy and wistful. Or she was just being nosey!

Things I Love: a clean car & a no clothes on my bedroom floor (however temporary!), ice cream, always ice cream, rediscovering old favourite music and discovering new music courtesy of the boyfriend's CD collection, movie dates and book club chats, iPhones - I am so late to the iPhone bandwagon but I am currently loving my yellow iPhone 5c, my new I Quit Sugar book and the excitement (yup, excitement!) of starting a sugar-free adventure, this Nerdy Nummies video featuring Miss Piggy & Swedish Chef - AMAZING!!
And I will leave you with possibly my favourite cat video EVER!


Happy Thursday! xx


  1. Excitement and sugar-free? Surely they shouldn't go together in a sentence?! I've been loving the weather this week too, spring is my favourite season!

    1. You'd think not but after weeks of headaches and bad skin I am willing to try (and get excited about) anything!