Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This time tomorrow I will be just about getting on a plane to Rome! How exciting is that? My university background is in Greek and Roman history, and Roman art in particular, so I actually can't wait. I just know I am going to be so overwhelmed by it all. There will definitely be a post when I get back about what I saw and the cake I ate! :)

I am also pretty excited for coming back as I have 3 paid cake orders to do. I think that is pretty exciting news really! I can't wait to get stuck in to them!

I have also seen a picture of the most amazing cake I want to try when I get a chance:

It's a 24 layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache! Every bite will be filled with cakey ganachey goodness! I might not quite go to the extreme of 24 layers but there will be a few! I got this picture from Tumblr and it was without a source. This is not my idea or my image. Someone clever than me has come up with this and they get all the credit for it.

That's enough cake talk for now - I should be packing!

Ciao! x

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