Wednesday, 10 October 2012

{Mini Post} Charity Giant Cupcake

While I get my thoughts in order about all the lovely things I saw when I was in Rome, I thought I would keep the momentum going and do a little mini post about the giant cupcake I did the other week for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

My Mum's work has two lovely tea ladies, one who makes *the best* milky coffee, and this other one who asked me to do this cake. (She is also nice but always forget to make me milky coffee when I was temping there last winter... No grudges...) She does a lot of work for the church so at first we thought that is where it was going but it actually went to the local library and was part of a raffle to raise some more money. (No pressure!)

I didn't have to worry though because everyone at the office loved it, and the library lady loved it so much, she asked me to do a birthday cake for her! I was super excited! This is my first cake commission from someone who isn't family or friend and I was so so proud of myself. I have to make her a skull & crossbones cake and I am so excited about it!

As well as this exciting job, the cake also managed to make £50 for the charity so that made me super happy too! I just hope they didn't leave it to long before they gave it away and someone ended up with nasty dry cake... Eeeep! :/

Anyway, here it is:

Why this is sideways, I have no idea! It was not like that when I uploaded it! :/ Don't hurt your neck trying to look at it!

If the picture had worked that might have been a bit less anti-climatic. But anyway! I really like these giant cupcakes, particularly now I know how to make a cupcake 'case' using chocolate melts. It just looks to effective!

I enjoyed doing it and I am ever so glad I had a little hand in raising some pounds for a worthy charity :)

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