Friday, 19 October 2012

Roma: Pizza, Pasta, Cake...?

Well, I loved Rome. It was fantastic! Fantastic weather, (mostly) fantastic wine, fantastic ice cream, and super fantastic old stuff round every corner! As I mentioned before, I studied the Romans a lot in university so to finally be in Rome was a dream come true. I don’t actually think I realized how much of a dream it was when I was there because there was just so much to take in, it was all a bit overwhelming. But since I have been back and have been telling everyone about it, it’s really sunken in how much we saw and how remarkable it all was. I was really blown away by all the sculpture. For such beauty/importance/grace/wisdom to be portrayed so brilliantly through marble is a truly extraordinary thing.

Sadly, I don’t have any sculpture pictures due to a dead camera and a bag unnecessarily locked in a locker but here are some pictures of some of the stuff we saw:

History! Yes!

Cake? No.

Now when we set off to Rome, I had the very romantic idea that we would be sat in squares drinking coffee and eating cake multiple times a day. Sadly, there were less squares that I anticipated (but more tiny side streets than I could have ever imagined!) We did have some excellent pizza, pasta and ice cream (as expected) and I had the strangest, yet delicious, dessert I think I’ve ever had: grilled pears, drizzled with honey and topped with goat’s cheese. Yes, goat’s cheese. Weirdly captivating!! We did go to a little patisserie one night for dessert and caused much trouble by all trying to pay separately with 20 Euros notes. I would have liked more of that I think…

Dear Rome, get more squares and more cake, preferably with views of some of your awesome sculpture, ta muchly, Vic.

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