Monday, 19 November 2012


I am super excited to announce that I now have a Facebook page for this little cake adventure I am embarking on!!

My lovely friend Liz has played a big part in me getting this page; mostly this involved telling me that I needed a website and should get one. Boyfriend then caught on to this and vowed to ask me about it every day until I did it. So I did!

Being obsessively particular, I didn’t want to share the page until I was completely happy with it. This all went to pot when I showed the work in progress to Liz and she decided she wanted to be the first to like it. 30 seconds after this her friend’s Mum liked it… Then others got on board and decided that if she could like it, so could they! Enter about 10 like in 10 minutes that I wasn’t prepared for!

It was probably for the best though because it meant I had to get it sorted and out into to the World! 

So now it’s out there and I have a stupid smile on my face just watching people like it. At the minute it’s mostly just people I know but it still means so much to me that they are all behind me!

So here is the link!

I would appreciate it so much if you could take a look at it and maybe even give it a like if you are so inclined!

Thank you!!

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