Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Birthday Cake - Kings of Leon Drum

I apologise in advance for the photograph that is to follow. I forgot to take a picture of the cake and so I had to take one last minute in the car, in the dark, with it on my Mum's knee!

I was recently sent a request for a cake in the shape of the Kings of Leon kick drum and was sent the following image to help me along:

This image does not belong to me and was found via a Google search

I thought at first that this would be a relatively easy cake but as I got into it, there was a couple of obstacles I had to get around. 

The first problem was that, on first glance, I thought the drum was silver (which would have been easier,) but as I looked at it more I realised it was gold. I tried my very best to make it gold and sparkly: I made the base coat a deep ivory; I then tried to add gold lustre dust to the icing to add sparkle but it just wasn't having any effect; then, in one final attempt at something resembling glittery, I sprayed the cake with a gold spray after applying it to the cake. The end result turned out to be more yellow...

The next one was pretty much just a logistical problem - I had to get a band around the the cake, that had to sit slightly higher than the surface. But I had plenty of sugar glue to hand and my Mum to help me! I decided to put it on in two halves, as I knew I would be able to cover and joins with the brackets that were going on the side. Excellent thinking by the usually non-practical thinking me! 

Overall I was happy with the end result, apart from uneven spacing between the brackets on the side; but that's the kind of thing I get told not to tell people about because they wouldn't notice otherwise. I sent a picture of the finished drum to my musically inclined Boyfriend and thankfully he knew it was a drum and was even able to identify it as a kick drum.

Most importantly, the guy who asked me to do it was happy with it and the birthday girl loved it too!  Success!

So here it is:

Hope you like it!

Vicky x

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