Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and indulged as is only proper during the festive season!

In keeping with the new year tradition this post is going to be a little look back on my favourite cakes over the past couple of months and a look forward into this year!

I was so glad that I decided to start up this blog again but even more pleased that I had a boyfriend and a lovely friend pushing me to creating a Facebook page. Things snowballed a little after that and I am so grateful to those who have liked the page so far, those orders I have started getting of the back of it, and the extraordinary encouragement from my friends and family.

And it wouldn't be right if I didn't shamelessly plug my page at this moment...

So from this here are a couple of my favourite cakes I was asked to do:

The Gruffalo, Peppa Pig, Little Charley Bear children's birthday cake
Katsuma! Love this guy :)
I had a blast making this Pink Panther cake - the girl didn't cut it for a week!
I had a nice little play this Halloween!
Yummy Chocolate Christmas Puds
Can you make Snowmen all year round?
A giant cupcake as a Christmas Tree
So that's my little recap. Now... How about those New Year's Resolutions? Have you made any? 

Mine is to more organised and less stressed. Revealing this was met with much laughter from my friends but really, I have to be! My Mum and I did not enjoy the run up to Christmas because we were still rushing about doing things on Christmas Eve and it just wasn't a pleasant experience. I'm off to a good start - I got a cake diary for Christmas and I'm getting myself a life diary so I have no excuse! 

I also want to really push this cake thing this year and see how I go with it. I have started a list of things I want to do to get it really off the ground and I am determined to work through them. Some are slightly ambitious but that's not a bad thing!

All in all, I am truly excited about this year. I hope you are too and I can't wait to share more cakey adventures! :) 

Miss Tallulah xx

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