Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Birthday Cake - The Perfect Children's Tea Party

I love doing children's birthday cakes! They are so bright and colourful and always have such fun characters on top. 

As you can see from above, this one, made for Theo, the son of a family friend, was no exception.

What started as a cake featuring Peppa & George Pig, and the Gruffalos, soon had the addition of a mini Speedway racer and the last minute addition of a dinosaur!

It was so much fun to make and I felt I was able to ease into modelling the characters a lot better, probably because I had already made a Gruffalo and Peppa Pig before. It was definitely proof that practice does make perfect! Not that I am saying that they're perfect...They're really not!

The family are big fans of speedway racing so when they asked for a speedway racer, I thought it would be cute to model Theo in his own speedway leathers.

The painting of his leathers wasn't great and is definitely something I need to work on; keeping a steady hand and maneuvering a paint brush about is currently not my strong point!

And finally came the dinosaur! The dinosaur was added last minute after his Nanna phoned us to inform us that he had been telling everyone that he was having a dinosaur cake! 

Theo came with his Mum and Nanna on the morning of his party to collect the cake. His first thoughts on seeing it? 

"That T-Rex doesn't have any scales on its tail!"

Brilliant. I am very sorry I upset him by ruining his dinosaur but I'm also very happy that he knew what it was! Other than that, he loved it, which is the most important thing! :)

Vicky x

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  1. Wow! I think I have at least finalized the cake for my son’s birthday but I still have to look for an event space for his birthday party. I loved the cakes and designs. You have a very neat hand on this. Give me some more detail about from where can I order it.