Saturday, 27 April 2013

Cake Time - Bravest Warriors to the cake zone!

My name is Victoria, I am 27, and I like to watch cartoons. I’m not sorry.

I would like to hold my boyfriend responsible for this. It started with Spongebob Squarepants, followed by Adventure Time, a brief stint into Regular Show, then, most recently, Bravest Warriors. 

Bravest Warriors is a cartoon by Pendleton Ward, and can be seen on the Cartoon Hangover channel on Youtube. It’s about a group of friends whose hero parents have disappeared, and so have been given the task of defending the justice of the world, while also battling the war that is being a teenager. It’s awesome.

What I love about it, apart from the fantastically silly humour, and the surreal and quirky stories, are the drawings themselves. For me, it’s just so visually pleasing to watch. I guess that’s the child in me – the block colours are bright and engaging, and create a world that is fun and fantastic. If I were ever to become a cartoonist (not gonna lie, would love that) I think this would be my style.

Adventure Time is made by the same man and it’s not surprising I feel the same about that.

Undoubtedly, the best character in Bravest Warriors is Catbug. You just need to watch this video to know why…

Too cute!

And what better way to wish my boyfriend a happy birthday than to put the cutie on a cake! The Catbug, not the boyfriend.

What a joy he was to make – my own little Catbug. Sadly, he is now slowly losing his sweet, sugary limbs one by one. Maybe I should make another and just keep him on a shelf and feed him sugar peas.

During a bit of Bravest Warriors googling, I came across The Bravest Warriors/Cartoon Hangover website and spent ages looking at the fantastic fan art submissions on there. There are so many talented and inspirational people in the world. 

Clockwise from top: Chris, Peanut butter squares, Chris & Beth, Catbug hoop

On a whim, I decided to send in my cake and was over the moon when boyfriend sent me the link to tell me they’d uploaded it! It is pretty exciting to see it up there amongst the fantastic drawings and crafts, and to see people enjoying it.

This simple little cake has prompted a wealth of ideas of things I want to create! Now, just to get me some extra spare time…

Vicky xx


  1. That video made me laugh so much! :D I know how you feel, I STILL haven't got over my pokemon phase, I'm still completely in love with Ash and I still want to be a pokemon trainer.. That cake is so cool, well done for making it! :-)

    1. I know! It's too cute! That's just fine - we should hold on to the things that bring us joy :)

      Thank you! :)