Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy (I know it was 2 days ago) Easter: Cute Easter Cake

Yes, yes, I realise I am a little late...Again! But it's never to late to share something sweet.

I've never been asked to do an Easter cake before and loved doing my very first one for a friend who was having a bit of an Easter family gathering.

I was left pretty much to my own devices with this one, which I enjoy, and came up with this cake topped with spring animals, Easter chicks and some chocolate eggs for full Easter effect!

To be honest, when it was finished, I quite wanted to keep it. I've never had an Easter cake before. *Tear*

It was a simple sponge cake filled with raspberry jam and white chocolate buttercream: a combination that always works well together.

This Easter has been a learning curve, I think people are now more open to alternatives to chocolate eggs, or perhaps want to have their cake and eat their chocolate eggs too. Either way, I need to find time to come up with quirky Easter treats and put them out there to the world for next year.

For now, however, my Easter Victoria sponge did the job :)

Vicky xx

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