Wednesday, 10 April 2013

*New Feature* - All The Pretty Pins

How many of you use Pintrest? I love it! So much pretty and loads of inspiration all in one place. Although you do have to be careful or you end up saying good bye to a huge chunk of your day. I tend to keep away if I know I have stuff to do! Or try anyway...

My one problem with it is that there is so much stuff on there, it's so easy to forget about the things that have caught your eye, even if you have pinned them to a board or liked them.

So I wanted to start a new (weekly?) feature on collections of things I've found and loved on there, just so I can remind myself of what I've seen and share them with the world!

First up, with it supposedly being Spring and all, I have chosen a collection of pretty pastel images. Pastel colours are charming and delicate, and I love that you can use 4 or 5 different pastel colours together and still come out with something that works.

Clockwise from top: chalk, cake, hair, bottles, macarons, flowers, cookies, cakes with stands, necklace, dress

Beautiful :)

Vicky xx

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