Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Couple of Sporting Cakes

Anyone for Cricket/Golf/Rugby?

Here are a few images of a couple of sports themed cakes I did recently. One was a Rugby/Golf mash-up for a 30th birthday, and the other a cricket cake for a 10 year old little lady!


Being completely non-sporty myself, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed doing these cakes. I think I liked knowing what kind of environment I needed to create with them both: mostly green but with their own little charms!

Both these cakes also featured little bunnies. I realise these cuties would be dealt with if they turned up on either of these pitches in real life but I just needed something to lift the space a bit. I am now seriously contemplating whether I can get a bunny on every cake I do!

Vicky xx

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