Sunday, 17 February 2013

Valentine's Day Round-Up

Ooops! Again! 

We've had quite a busy week this week with 2 birthday cakes, an order of cake pops and Valentine's orders, so my head has been filled with little other than cake! I blame this for me being a bit scatterbrain and not remembering to take pictures of the stuff I've been doing! Silly!

For Valentine's Day we made 2 orders of cupcakes and a whole bunch of cupcake sundaes and I forgot to take pictures! My Mum saved the day and took some of the sundaes, but I was gutted that I gave out the cupcake deliveries before remembering to take a few snaps - I was so pleased with them too! :'(

This was the picture I was given to base them on:

The original cupcakes came from
To be honest, the cupcakes looked pretty much just as the picture, apart from I used a different nozzle so my swirls were different. Still gutted I don't have a picture to add to my portfolio though - I may have to recreate them! They were actually very simple but looked so effective. Some of the hearts were made from royal icing, which I did the night before so they could be left to harden overnight, and some from fondant icing.

Our other Valentine orders were cupcakes sundaes, which are basically a fairy cake sat on a plastic champagne flute filled with sweeties!

We did a trial run of these a few weeks ago and people got excited about them. I can't claim to have thought of them (the internet is a great source of inspiration) but they are such a nice idea for any occasion.

The cupcakes were chocolate with a rich chocolate buttercream, apart from 2 that were vanilla with strawberry jam and strawberry buttercream. We tried these originally as strawberry & champagne cupcakes but the champagne icing wasn't great - I think mostly because you couldn't really tell what it was, which made it taste a bit odd. Needs more work.

Our champagne flutes were filled with a variety of things, including: love hearts, liquorice pencils, fizzy liquorice (my fave!), chocolates, minstrels, and smarties.

They were then finished off with a bit of wrap and some ribbon. Such a cute present to a loved one...or yourself :)

Since Valentine's Day has ended I've found so many lovely things I would have liked to have made, like cute owl cookies, or super sweet love birds mini cakes. But I guess I don't really need the excuse of Valentine's Day to make something lovely. And maybe I'll even remember to take a picture!

Vicky xx


  1. I love the look of the cupcake sundaes, so effective. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Thank you for following my blog! Those cakes look delicious, and owning my own tea shop is one of my dreams too, as well as my best friends dream. I can see I'm in good company :) xxx

    1. You're welcome! And thank you :) You certainly are - let's hope we can soon bring more tea and cake to the world! xx