Monday, 25 February 2013

Channing Tatum Cake

If I were forced to pick a face to put on a cake (and I say 'forced' because this would never be my first choice of cake,) number 1 on my list would not be Channing Tatum, in fact he probably wouldn’t even be on there at all. Instead I would opt for this guy….

My eternal favourite - Dallas Green
Or him…

Direwolf included for extra cuteness
Or him… 

An unexpected delight

Or… Well, I digress, but you get the picture – give me a tattoo-covered rocker or a fur clad, bow-and-arrow-shooting warrior any day, over clean cut, no-necked Channing Tatum. But this wasn’t my cake, and Channing Tatum was the choice for Shona, who wanted the cake for her friend Charlotte’s 18th birthday.

I had a strange sense of panic when I was asked to do this cake, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I was expected to either: a) draw his face myself, or b) do some kind of Channing Tatum modeling out of fondant. Neither of those things would have resulted in a pretty cake.

So I went online and found a Channing Tatum edible icing topper, OK’d this with Shona, and set about ordering it.

The topper was from, arrived in perfect condition and looked fab once it was on the cake.

The instructions for these things always put the fear in you as they talk about how careful you need to be and that it needs to be the right temperature to be able to peel easily from its backing. I removed it by inserting a knife between the topper and the backing. Granted, this was not the most sensible thing to do but I found it safer than trying to bend and over handle the paper and topper. It settled on the cake well, and, as I placed it on before the icing had dried, I didn't need anything to help adhere it.

The lines you can see on the image in the below picture dissolved as the topper took to the cake.

The cake was well received and prompted much discussion about whether or not she could possibly cut into his face to eat him. I seriously hope they did; I’m not sure how comfortable I am with my cakes being part of some Channing Tatum shrine…

Vicky xx

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