Monday, 18 February 2013

Camera Cake

Just a quick post and some photos of a cake I did this weekend for a friend of my cousin's, Alex. She'd recently bought a new camera and is having a great time playing with it so my cousin decided to surprise her with a cake in its likeness.

I think my favourite part of this cake was carving the shape. I was a little scared to start hacking away but once I went for it, it came together nicely.

My least favourite part was covering with icing...So I asked my Mum to do it! It was such an awkward shape, I knew I'd stick my fingers through the icing! My Mum has more experience with these things so I relied on her!

It was nice to see this cake come together once I started putting buttons and markings on it. I bought a white paint to help me with some of the details, but, as you can see from the below picture, it was quite chalky and wasn't as bright as I would have liked. I may need more practice with it.

But in the end, Alex loved the cake and had a happy birthday, which is more important than chalky paint!

Vicky xx

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