Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cake Time - Noah's Ark Christening Cake

The animals went in 2-by-2, hurrah! Hurrah! 

The animals went in 2-by-2, Hurrah!

Right, lions are boss

Closely followed by the hippos because really who would mess with them?

Oh look some giraffes...

And there are some cheeky monkeys. And there are more than 2 of them... Very cheeky.

Oh man, who let these elephants on? Seriously. They look deranged.

What are these?  Oh, blue bears. Are they a thing?


Happy fish

Birds, you know you can fly, right? Fly all away from the water.

Do you know what this cake needs? Red pandas.

Lemme on!

Noah's Ark made for baby Maxwell on his christening. Vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream (but no jam because we ran out.) Based on the design and instructions of Debbie Brown, novelty cake lady extraordinaire, in Debbie Brown's Baby Cakes.

Vicky xx