Sunday, 16 June 2013

I like driving in my car (and then eating it)

It's two car cakes for the price of one in this post!

The first is a VW Campervan cake I mentioned a while ago, and the second is a car full of pigs.

Let's get started with a VW Campervan I did for a retirement party that required a golden Labrador and a surf board. The colour choice was left to me and it was a no-brainer: when I think campervan, I think green!

I have to admit it was a little intimidating being asked to do a cake like this because the vans are so iconic; everyone knows what they are suppose to look like!

Which is a shame when I got the shape a little off!

I rounded each end from the top to the bottom but it just completely slipped my mind to round the front and back off. This meant the van looked a bit boxy. I only realised when I had the icing on and was a little disappointed.  I did still manage to get the van details on and it looked the part but I'm waiting for another campervan order so I can get it right!

I enjoyed making my first fondant pooch but there was an incident with the little pooch after it mysteriously gained a finger nail mark in one of its legs. I think it was my Mum in a horrific act of sabotage but that has yet to be proven. Some early morning surgery sorted him out.

I loved the look of the surf board and was pleased with the surfery vibe it had.

I think overall the feel of the cake was what I wanted and I’m trying not to be too mad at myself about the shape – it was a first attempt afterall!

Moving on the next cake, we have a Peppa Pig mobile!

Learning from Campervan, one of my first jobs was to make sure that the front of the car was rounded! I quite liked the shape of this one; my only issue this time was that I forget to put wing mirrors on the car: an oversight on my part that no one noticed!

My pigs suffered a little from being constructed while being the car. I think the best thing would have been to make them first, get the details on, then pop them in but I think at the time I was more concerned about whether they were going to fit and if the sizes were going to be proportionate to one another.

The thing I do need to tell you about with this cake is my absolutely ridiculous error that occurred when I was putting the name on the board.

I think you can already guess what’s coming…

Wanting to get Ruby’s name in the right place, I started from the end and spelled it  backwards: ‘Y’  ‘U’  ‘B’  ‘Ooops!’

‘Well, what did you do that for?’ was the helpful comment from the mother.

This is one downfall from piping names in royal icing – you can’t just move the letters about. Luckily it was white, and luckily it didn’t look too bad. It looks horrific in the image as my mum’s fancy camera picks up EVERYTHING, but in the natural light of day it wasn’t noticeable.

I enjoyed doing these cars; both different but both fun and I think I have learned from both of them: round the fronts and don't forget the wing mirrors!

Vicky xx


  1. Wow Vicky they both look fab, amazing! The Peppa Pig car made me laugh - I am actually taking a friend and her two children to Peppa Pig World this week (for my sins?!).

    1. Thank you :) Awesome! I didn't realise they had a whole world! I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)