Thursday, 13 June 2013

Things I Love Thursday

One of my biggest blog, and life, inspirations is Gala Darling. Her blog is so full of quirky and magical things and it is a pleasure to read. You too can share in the joy here.

One of the things she champions is being grateful and positive, and one of the ways she does this is through her weekly post 'Things I Love Thursday' and she welcomes and encourages her readers to do the same.

The birth of this new feature on my blog is an active reaction to Tuesday's post. I have a lot to be grateful and positive for (cake included) and I wanted to share that through images that have made me smile, songs, silly videos, whatever!

I've had a little time to gain a little perspective on how I have been feeling and am doing alright so far, after a minor setback with a cake over the weekend, But then it's all about baby steps. I even made a cake I could honestly say I liked!

This week I have had a little change of scenery at work and returned to Helmsley Castle where I worked when I first started with English Heritage. Helmsley Castle has a big retail space so it has a completely different feel to it compared with being within the peaceful and atmospheric ruins of Mount Grace Priory.

It was nice to have a bit of a change though and to wander around my castle again.

Warrior scultpures by Malcolm Brocklesby standing guard at the south barbican

The east tower
The recent warm weather has meant that the castle walls are covered with the tiny purple flowers of Fairy Foxglove. It's such a delicate and pretty contrast to the strong and imposing walls of the castle.

Fairy Foxglove climbing the castle remains

However, it wasn't my reunion with the castle that made me excited about being back in Helmsley, it was my trip to my favourite bakery, Cinnamon Twist! I had already planned that I would be consuming my favourite raspberry danish but this plan was soon scuppered when I found out that they had been replaced with a blueberry and mango danish. It was still delicious though and TWO of my 5-a-day! I did have to have a cheese scone as well, you know, just to ease the pain about the raspberry danish.

I enjoy my treats sat in the market square on the steps of the monument, along with the many tourists to Helmsley, just people watching: due to the country roads that lead to it, Helmsley is a hot spot for bikers and they always make for interesting watching. I also started reading Around The World in 80 Days but am not sure how long I will last with it before I have to return to something heavily featuring wizards, dragons and attractive beadrded rouges.

But pastries and pretty flowers aside I was happy to be back where I belonged at the weekend.

Mount Grace Prioy's Manor house

I love: the fantastic, super supportive and wonderfully encouraging comments I have received from people over the last week <3 blueberry & mango danishes <3 cheese scones <3 sunshine <3 Abba, for real  <3  Game of Thrones (the TV series - I can't read the books for fear or providing spoilers to the boyfriend!) <3 cherry wine <3 Linda McCartney cheese & leek plaits <3 all things cat related <3 Karen Miller - Kingmaker Kingbreaker <3 yellow nail varnish <3 pretending I am a super important business women <3 reading both inspirational and practical stuff 


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