Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cake Time: Angry Birds

My cousin Oliver wanted an Angry Birds cake for his birthday. On his birthday he got Angry Birds everything. Apparently Angry Birds has sky rocketed from being a simple, free phone app to some kind of phenomenon. I think there’s even a cartoon and the birds have names!

But this also means that there is lots of inspiration out there for Angry Birds cakes.

Left to right: Nest, Slingshot, Kaboom!
My Mum, being ahead of the times as she is, made an Angry Birds cake about 18 months ago. What a trendsetter.

I wanted to do a cake with a bit of depth and up and downy-ness and ended up with something quite mammoth, even though I hadn’t actually baked that much cake.

The idea of using Kit Kats as the wooden hiding places was not mine; I saw the idea on another cake that has since disappeared in to thin air. But props to you if it was your idea.

The pigs and birds were almost fun to make; I would have enjoyed them a lot more if it hadn’t been a sweltering day in July and the icing hadn’t melted whenever I went near it.

I know I have been going on a lot about details but they really are my favourite thing at the minute and this cake was no exception! The small details of a snout, some eyes and a crooked smile transforms a green blob into a mutant pig that wants to take over the world! Or steal eggs… I think that’s what they do.

And the birds turned out ok too but they were even more melty because they require a bit more handling to get them in to shape. And getting them to hold their shape in the heat was a nightmare.

But overall it was a fun and effective cake. Best part? Left over KitKats.

Vicky xx

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