Thursday, 17 October 2013

Cake Time: Birthday Cakes

By friend-of-a-friend links and a touch of coincidence I was asked if I would take on a job for a local marketing and branding company, Better Branding Agency.

As many offices do, they celebrate employees’ birthdays with cake but this lot don’t do it by halves. In place of a chocolate cake from Tesco, they make a big deal of it and have proper, full on, decorated birthday cakes. And I think it’s a fantastic idea.

The lady who had been doing the cakes previously had to give it up due to being so busy she was unable to commit to the orders. Good for her and good for me.

This came about through doing a cake for a friend’s family member’s son, who is friends with a boy whose mum works for Better and who approached me to do the cakes. After a bit of discussion and nervousness on my part I was away with my first request.

They’ve been pretty specific with what the want on the cakes which is great but it also meant I was a little bit lost doing the first one. My first order was for Julie who likes tea, credit cards, Seabrooks prawn cocktail crisps, diamonds and stationary. And the end result looked a bit like this:

I have to be honest. I wasn’t really sure how this was going to turn out but I think taking time to get the detail on the various items made it work; it was a random cake with random bits but (hopefully) everything looked like it was meant to.

The next brief was pretty similar: Mark likes tanning oil and the 80s:

How much 80s paraphernalia can you fit on a cake? (Probably loads more!)

PacMan 4 life.

The most recent one I did was for a member of staff who doesn’t like cake. (I didn’t think those people actually existed.) So instead he got a flapjack smothered in melted milk chocolate. I wish I had a picture of this one because it looked so yummy I wanted to put my face in it. I think it was just nice to have a break from cake, and to be honest I’d put my face in anything covered in melted chocolate.

So that’s what I have done so far and am anxious to see what the next cake brings!

Vicky xx


  1. What an amazing sounding office, I want to work there! Beats our office tradition of a pack of mini muffins from Morrisons as the birthday treat! I love the randomness of these cakes - reminds me of a leaving present I got from one job which included a jar of beetroot and a tin of liver and onions - I guess it comes from the random conversations you end up having at work! Looking forward to seeing what they get you to come up with next!

    1. I've never heard of anywhere else that does it like it - it's nice to see an office with such an amazing team morale. It did at first feel a little like it was a private joke I knew nothing about but now I think the best thing to do is just go with it!