Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cake Time: Candy Crush

Hands up how many people are addicted to Candy Crush? I have to admit to owning it on my phone and I did get a little bit sucked in trying to get past some of the higher levels. I did draw the line when my app was making me play on Facebook - I spend enough time on there already stalking random strangers...

*Ahem* Moving on...

Bernie obviously loves Candy Crush enough that her family though it fitting to get her a cake in the shape of her favourite game.

I set the cake up as the game screen and made use of all those lovely bright colours. Mum took care of the actual game board because I don't do well with straight lines.

I rather enjoyed crafting those little bits! Cute. This is a cute cake.

And there is the ol' scoreboard:

I realised 40 points isn't very many but that's how old she was and it seemed fitting!

I didn't quite get there with the correct Candy Crush font but I don't think I was too far off that you couldn't get the reference.

How bizarre is it that mobile phones apps are now becoming the norm for cakes? This is the second one I have done now and there are plenty more examples out there. But I guess it's no odder than making a cake for someone's favourite computer game; we all know how popular they are.
App cakes. Clockwise from top left: Temple run, Plants vs Zombies, Too Dumb To Die 

So bring on the inspiration! And someone bring me a Hello Kitty Cafe cake.

Vicky xx

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