Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cake Time: Spongebob Squarepants

Oh Spongebob, you crazy…sponge! You are my most favourite character to make for cakes because you are square and that makes me happy. Ol’ Bob is also a character that comes to life very quickly after only a few details and I enjoy watching that transformation.

The first Spongebob cake I made was this one for my cousin’s birthday last year and I was super pleased with it.

I think everyone else enjoyed it too…

This second one was for a work colleague of my mum (well, not actually for her but you know what I mean!) This time we got to do a 2 tier, under the sea style cake, and got to include Patrick on it too.

As usual, mum was in charge of background scenery and did an awesome job. Love the Spongebob-esque flower things floating about.

I was in charge of modelling. I have started to put a bit of Mexican sugar paste or petal paste into my fondant when making characters. It makes makes the figures a little harder but you end up with something with a better finish and less sagging.

My favourite part of Bob is dusting his sponge hole thingys with green lustre dust – that just makes him come alive! There's those details again! They are my favourite – even the simplest ones.

Patrick’s shape was easier than I thought and I didn’t have to fiddle on with it too much. I missed off his flowers on his shorts due to wanting to wait until the paste had dried and then putting him on the cake and not having enough space. I don’t think it ruins him too much but a finished off pair of shorts would have been nice!

This cake makes me happy! I just love doing colourful children's cake! More please :)

Vicky xx


  1. Poor dismantled Spongebob on the first cake! I love the sea-like effect on the tier cake, looks really stunning! Your modelled characters are amazing aswell - Spongebob in particular is spot on (or should that be bob-on...!)

    1. I know! I felt so bad for him! The sea-effect was all down to my Mum so full credit goes to her for that! But thank you for the kind comments about the characters! :)