Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cake Time: Gruesome Shark Attack Swimming Pool Cake!!

Oh another fun children's cake!

This was for the son of one of the ladies’ from Better, who had wanted a shark cake and was having a swimming party for his birthday, so we merged the 2 together and made: Gruesome shark attack swimming pool cake!

I loved doing this cake! It was such fun! I think deep down inside, past the kittens, cupcakes and twirly skirts, I maybe enjoy a bit of gruesomeness.

My favourite was this guy at the front who did have 2 arms before one fell off while transporting him to the cake. One shocked expression later, and he was the victim of an attack, who had bravely lost an arm trying to battle the shark.

Sadly he didn’t do so great because this guy got it…

I did try to inject some humour in to it with the floating shorts. Probably best that the owner of said shorts doesn’t feature on the cake…

And someone needs to get this young lady a slice of birthday cake. A large one. With a side of ice cream.

And finally, I went red and tried to capture the ‘Jaws’ theme with the lettering of the name.

Overall it was a fun cake that I enjoyed doing (once it started to come together) and was enjoyed by kids and adults alike. That’s all I can ask for :)

Vicky xx

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  1. I love a gruesome cake too! Love the random hand on the side!